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Born and raised in Kalymnos island, George Zervos from an early age devoted himself to music, 
drawing inspiration from 
Rock ‘n’ Roll, Swing, 
Indie and Country influences.

If you ‘ve ever imagined the offspring of Gene Vincent in 2023 or if you have ever wondered how “Misirlou” would sound if played by the Stray Cats, here is the answer: an uplifting, sexy, hyper cool and thunderous roller by a wonderful singer – songwriter and amazing performer.


George Zervos builds bridges between garage ‘n roll and an imaginative rock hybrid that shines brightly waiting to happen in a neverland where The Black Keys are the mainstream kings and George Zervos the prince of guitar riffs that hold the keys for an unforgettable party.

George Zervos is one of our favorite people in the new music life of Greece.

His boundless energy and electrifying performance will be setting off the fireworks through a dance show that will deliver the experience of a lifetime! 


Debut album "For Your Love" by The Lyst Records, (June 2017).

Video - single "Babe I like it" (June 2018)

Video - single "My life in her hands" (February 2019)

Video - single "The Trooper" (June 2021)

Video - single "The Trooper"with The Swingin' Cats (January 2022)


Drumer / Vocals



Electric bass / Vocals

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